2014-15 is a year of preparation – how are we doing?


For those that have had an opportunity to attend either the Symposium last August or one of our Deanery Catechetical Workshops you know that we are in a year of preparation for implementing new diocesan sacramental guidelines in the 2015-16 ministry year.

That said, we thought it good to provide an online training and communications tool to aide in our preparation. Please let us know what you think and how we might better serve you in your evangelization and catechesis endeavors – shalom!

2 thoughts on “2014-15 is a year of preparation – how are we doing?

  1. Connie Buttaccio

    Hi Barry,
    I asked Father Ron Magg, about the possibility of getting involved in the Catholics Come Home program during this Lenten Season. He said to go for it, so I’m trying to figure out how to do that. I read just about everything on their website and called them. I Realize our situation is much different than the diocese and the parishes they are use to working with on the Eastern part of the U.S.
    I’m hoping you can help me process that would fit us. Can you tell me which (if any) parishes in our diocese that you know off that have been involved in this program? Any advice, suggestions, comments or cautions?
    Connie Buttaccio
    541-399-6392. smcchr@live.com

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